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Mu Dills is the fire that has long been missing from Hip Hop, with a commanding voice and lyrical flow that sets him a part from the rest – nineteen year old Newark, New Jersey bred, Mu Dills has secured himself a status as an underground legend. Mu produces countless street anthems that have circulated well throughout “The Bricks” from the barber shops, to the streets, to web blogs — he has created a strong following. Hip-hop has birthed some of the greatest storytellers; Mu Dills takes no exception — eager to express his ghetto tale through his brooding vocals.

Like most adolescents, the ever present pressure of the street life consumed young Mu Dills, but he was able to release this through his writing. Music quickly became his therapy. He discovered a hidden passion, and decided to pursue an unexpected career in Hip Hop. With hip hop mentors like Scarface, Tupac, Ghetto Boys and NWA as his direction for inspiration. Fifteen year old Mu Dills became a threat with the pen. Respected by his peers and a staple in “The Bricks” underground, the budding artist was confident in his writing skills.

Mu Dills soon caught the attention of Super Producer, Keeb of Independent label, Monee Green Entertainment — who helped cultivate his skills as a Hip Hop artist. Two years of hard work paid off. With the masterful production from Keeb, the summer of 2006 saw the release of Mu’s first mix CD titled Grind City. With the streets buzzing Mu returned to the studio to record his first hit single “Fresh-N-Fly” with lyrics like “My jewels bright huh?/Watch how the bling glow/ Dills fly n…../ You ain’t see my wings grow?/ I came from the bottom/ through the concrete/ I’m grinding there’s no need to remind me.” Following the release of the single “Fresh-N-Fly” Mu Dills shot his first music video. The video received regular rotation on Music Choice as well as surfaced on under the title Upcoming Artist.

After receiving critical praise for Grind City, Mu Dills released in the summer of 2007 his debut album and his second mix CD Grind City 2. His mix tape was reviewed and featured on, under headline “Don’t Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week.” Mu Dills is also a face in a national ad campaign with one of the leading urban clothing brands, Azzure Clothing. Currently, Mu balances his busy schedule around countless shows, photo shoots, studio time and interviews.

An artist true to his lyrics, Mu stands apart from the rest. Mu Dills gives listeners dominant messages with lyrics like “I’m powerful I cause catastrophic destruction/ Fist in the air Mu Dills dying for somethin’/ A lot people is bums/ they ain’t strivin’ for nuthin’/ I put your lights out/ I walk to I get one of my shoes in the White House.” BANG! 

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