Video: S.I.E (@Success2315) – “Read It”


No one more apologetic than someone caught up with those steamy text messages from a secret lover. Rochester reggae sensation S I E, is the latest to get caught in a love triangle and this situation may be more than he can handle. What starts out as a liquor-infused night out with the boys, spirals into a huge dilemma with his lady. “Read It” is a tune produced by Rochester hitman JKProductions who blends the sounds of dancehall to give it that authentic feel S I E comes with. With resentment in his heart, S I E repeats on wax “how could I let you read it, before I delete it, you should’ve never seen it, you should’ve never seen what goes down in the background.”  Its all fun until someone gets caught basically. In S I E’s case, he’s sorry and he hopes he doesn’t lose the one he loves.

Check out the new visual below shot by Kero Films.


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